Wall Claddings

Wall Claddings

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Types of Wall Cladding

The Following Wall Cladding Types Most Commonly Used, Stone Cladding, Vinyl Cladding, Brick Cladding, Fibre Cement Cladding, Wooden Cladding, Aluminum Cladding, Steel Cladding,
Glass Cladding

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Wall cladding is a great way to protect the home exterior walls from weather adverse effects as well as other types of irritants that may create a negative effect on the building. Cladding can be done by providing an extra layer to the walls of any material. It can be a great option for our interior walls.

Wall cladding is a method of fitting one material over another material that will create an extra protective and attrative layer over the walls. Cladding is almost exclusively used to protect the exterior walls from adverse effects on weather elements such as sun, wind, snow, and heavy rain.

It gives a nice appearance and also provides thermal insulation.

Factors to be Considered for Wall Cladding

 I. Interior Wall Cladding

  • The cladding should have a proper finish.
  • It should be moisture resistant.
  • It should be resistant to stain and hide them as much as possible
  • It should be easily washable.

II. Exterior Wall Cladding

  • Renders protection to the walls against weather conditions.
  • It should be aesthetically appealing.
  • It helps in the thermal insulation of the house.
  • It also cuts off the sound and helps in making the building sound-proof.
  • It should be able to resist fire for a longer period.



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